For Ever For You

(M. Bosé / Camilo Blanes)

Once there was darkness                     

Now there is light                             

Life had no meaning                                  

You made it right                            

I couldn’t love, but...                           

You taught me how                            

You wonder who’s real it is now    

Now is so helpless                                   

I sting my self                                      

Feeling so lonesome                                

Feeling disgraced                                

You came along and                                

Dried all my tears                           

Your love has made me loose

All my fears

How... you love me

May I say I love you too

How... you want me

Take it for ever for you

Give me all right soul

May I touch sight

Don’t tell me lies it

Justice and rights

Give me your touch action

Pless me so sear

I how ways want

To have you here

( Chorus )

You’re so divine

Together we can make it

Come true

( Chorus ).